As the strategic partner of VISA they approached us for suggestions on how to make the audience save their cards as questions may rise over the security issues as it is big in Bangladesh.

We suggested VISA with static and video communications with the message that VISA has the certifications to be able to save card data and provide the security. Simultaneously we provided VISA with over 30 merchants to give discounts if the audience saved their data. We also provided an OVC with the theme that “Rather than providing card data to purchase all the time you can save your card data through SSLCommerz and do online shopping with less hassle & less time.

We promoted the campaign through almost all known digital channels & mediums.

The impact was huge as we achieved something that has never been done in Bangladesh. We made the audience trust us and created a new movement in online payment resulting in 45 Thousand + Visa Card Data Saved & a Total of 1 Hundred Thousand + Visa Card Transaction

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